Beyond Band: Adventures in Borrowing Power & Servicing

Beyond Bank’s first project with Widget Works went live in late 2020 and seen great results. We worked closely with the all parts of the business (analysis, credit/policy, compliance, technology) to establish a full view of the credit policy that should be applied to this calculator. We’ve now added even more support for expense handling (additional shading thresholds and alternative HEM treatments) to get this calculator aligned to the dollar with Beyond Bank’s credit policy. Our extensive text suite regression tests new releases and allows changes to roll out quickly.

This implementation applies an excellent UI design with our never ending improvements to accessible controls. An even more graphical and interactive results screen rounds out a great experience on all devices (useful for borrowers and bankers alike).

Widget Works Borrowing Power is a drop in solution which then allows for our Customer Collector (built in form generator, data collection and integration pipeline) to deliver calculator data with one click to email or CRM. Save for later allows a user to quickly save their calculator for later use. All these features are ready to go on any of our calculators for fast and accurate process integration.

Stay tuned for the next Beyond Bank project to go live…