HSBC: Adventures in Borrowing Power & Servicing

Widget Works worked with HSBC Australia on the successful multiphased development and release of an integrated Borrowing Power (along with our fully revised buying and selling costs, and full featured repayment with offset and extra repayment).

This project delivered a new theme, seamless branding and new custom layout to Borrowing Power. It’s mobile optimised wizard approach now uses more adaptive screens, data entry for multiple borrowers is integrated in to the next/back navigation flow and then the results are highly customised to HSBC’s brand and needs.

This release introduced our new adaptive rates presentation for results which allows for greater detail to be presented only when it’s needed.

Loan origination integration

Widget Works’ Borrowing Power is a sophisticated and accurate tool, so don’t leave the data behind! Phase 2 with HSBC delivered a customised data integration flow. We transform to a standard format then save servicing data and outcomes before integrating into the HSBC PII collection flow.

All up, this calculator now allows the full borrowing power outcome to be saved into HSBC’s CRM/loan origination flow for secure and frictionless user experience.