86 400 Refinance with new Meta Filters

Neobank 86 400 has launched our latest refinance calculator with a great UI layer to support their home loans campaign. This refi calculator release is Widget Works’ first app to deliver a whole lot of the features we’ve been developing through 2021:

  • empty-start-state support with dynamic error checking
  • Meta Filters for creating dynamic product filtering user interfaces (based on meta data and configured data for various business cases)
  • and the ability to group and select fixed products based on term rather than just their name
  • increase configurability for product selection UI components and labelling
Filled inputs – allows for product selection using type filter then variable type or fixed term. All product data driven.

Pulling all these features together means we can deliver a more bespoke experience while leveraging the maturity of our loan product data management and accessible UI components.