Mortgage Key Facts Sheet Now Available

In the past Key Facts Sheet could be difficult to keep the rates in sync and often slow to use. Widget Works is pleased to announce a Key Facts Sheet that fully integrates with our Calculator Suite. It inherits all of our tried and tested Mortgage Product functionality as well as Calls to Action and Customer Collector (CRM integration options). It works on all devices from mobiles to desktops and inside apps.

Now when there’s a rate change, you can push the new rates to the Key Facts Sheet just like any other calculator – in one click.

Update and audit your rates once then update all your calculators with a click

For you

  • Shared product rates – single set of product rates and fees used by the KFS and all other calculators. Update the rates for all the calculators in a single process
  • Consistent Calculator – calculator branded and themed to match your other tools

For your customer

  • Easy product selection – Enter loan amount and property value, the calculator automatically works out the correct loan and LVR ranges (where applicable), there’s no longer any need to itemise every LVR+loan range variant in the product selector

Try it out now: