QPCU relaunches as QBank

Queensland Police Credit Union has relaunched as QBank and Widget Works’ calculators are in place and ready to help with products, rates and ranges.

Our Borrowing Power with modern HEM income serviceability ensures customers are given a realistic indication of their borrowing capacity. And like all our tools, Widget Manager ensures products are managed once and shared across all calculators.

QBank's mortgage repayment calculator with products and rates

Calculators in context

Mortgage products are complex and there’s a lot to consider. QBank uses Widget Works calculators on standalone “calculators” section as well as dedicated product pages. Our tools are flexible and adapt to their container. And, they can be reconfigured on the fly via an API for different use cases. QBank group related functions together in a single section like this:

And a visitor can select any of the calculators to immediately answer their questions, all with correct product rates.: