New ASB calculators the “pièce de résistance”

It’s been a busy end of financial year and we’re happy to have been working with ASB as part of a “dedicated team for another superb delivery”.

ASB’s website subsections for International Business, Moving to NZ and Foreign Exchange have all be upgraded and replaced with strong user journeys, clarity of language and of course excellent calculators (described as both “cool” by top management and the “pièce de résistance”).

Foreign Exchange

Quickly checking how much you’ll actually get for your NZD is much easier with a high quality mobile experience. And on desktop it’s easier than ever to see and compare all the currency products and costs. All the FX Rates are API driven, as are the products and their fee structures.


Property Investment

With property so hot right now anything that helps investors understand capital growth, cashflow effects and all the tradeoffs is important. The ASB Property Investment calculator helps users understand tax effects, loan costs, their cashflow and ability to model expected breakeven timelines.