Bankwest: Adventures in Borrowing Power & Servicing

Over several successful releases Widget Works has delivered a beautifully branded Borrowing Power experience for Bankwest. We worked with the design and credit policy teams to build in Bankwest’s new branding and options for simple or detailed data input.

Lots of new panel layouts and animations start with the seamless start page:

Bankwest Borrowing Power start

Then onto income collection (with a new, single trigger for showing all available other-incomes at once).

Once that’s complete simple or detailed expenses can be collected depending on the stage the borrower is at (or if a broker is running through the scenario). Credit rules supporting discretionary/non-discretionary expense comparison with HEM are now available.

And finally the numbers!

Along with the borrowing power outcome itself, there’s an adaptive breakdown of the impact on cashflow from the new loan. This new Borrowing Power experience makes use of mobile screens with mode-based edit screens on the results page too – editing the loan scenario is clear and allows for our full support for Bankwest’s product set (Fixed/Variable, LVR and IO limits) to be navigated and applied to the lending scenario.

And remember with all things Borrowing Power: we bet you $1 we can get to within $1 of your policy!