60% of all Google searches are for mortgage calculators

…in the home loan space, that is. I couldn’t help it ūüėÄ

Google’s industry head for Performance Solutions, Susan Wheeldon-Steele presented this valuable¬†information in Feb 2016. We hear similar numbers from clients and see them in our own advertising campaigns.

Almost 3 out of 4 people said a good mortgage calculator experience had an impact on who they chose for their home loan

In other words:¬†“a good calculator experience converts”. For brokers it’s important to sell you:¬†how you help and what you’ll do, alongside any calculated results. For banks and mutuals, it’s one thing to publish a set of rates on your site but something so much more useful to¬†actually present the correctly priced, risk adjusted rate seamlessly to your customers.

Google breaks down what your users and potential customers want from your calculators:

  • 50% are¬†using them to work out their repayments (Widget Works see lots of interest in the weekly cashflow impact too)
  • 20% use them to work out how much they can borrow (do you use HEM yet?)
  • 10%+ are looking to see the impact of rate changes

Widget Works’ tools have you covered on all these needs. Our mortgage repayment calculator advanced pricing and¬†helps you explain how customers can save on their loans with offset, extra repayment and lump sum built right¬†in. Talk to us about¬†our cost effective licensing options and discuss¬†what our calculators can do for you.