P&N Bank relaunch, now with animation

P&N Bank is WA’s largest locally owned and managed bank. Their website relaunch in 2015 brought a fully responsive, modern design throughout the site. Widget Works provided the cloud based financial calculators customised with P&N’s modern new theme.

The new brand called for something extra special in the primary home loan calculator, which already had full LVR and product based pricing included. Working with the P&N marketing team we created a branded “house” animation to represent the user entered property value in the calculator.

We like to think mortgage calculations can still be a little bit fun, reminding our users of the goal they’re working towards. Keeping with the WA focus, we have the Perth skyline, black swans and even a Kangaroo Paw garden.

Adding some fun to mortgage calculations with animation

Moving beyond the artwork, the animation itself is responsive, GPU rendered and optimised to work smoothly on all devices from iPhones to desktops.

Check out all of P&N’s calculators on their site: