The iPhone turns seven in January

The iPhone has turned seven, Happy Birthday. The iPhone wasn’t the first smart phone but it did have a massive effect on the internet generally and more specifically on the mobile internet environment.

It is hard to imagine an area of the mobile environment it hasn’t impacted upon.

Specifically, the whole app environment the iPhone has launched has changed the entire landscape of client engagement. Social media is entirely pervasive and more and more people are engaging with their providers of pretty much everything via the mobile medium.

Apps not really seen before via a mobile medium were introduced and developed using the Apple platform. While Android friendly systems now also have as many apps, if not more available, it was the iPhone that really introduced this whole platform to the mobile environment.

Previous blogs have already reported on how mobile is becoming the medium of choice for so many people in the way they shop, speak and even communicate. Immediately after the first holiday shopping reports came in from the United States it become impossible not to appreciate the demand for mobile internet.

Not having mobile friendly apps, tools and importantly an engagement strategy is pretty much a sure fired path to business irrelevance. Demand for mobile is growing at a faster rate than any other digital medium. This is not expected to waive anytime soon.

Depending on who you speak to, and while not necessarily the market leader anymore, the iPhone has changed this landscape irretrievably and forever.

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