Cloud based superannuation the future

Online member engagement is set to be a key issue for superannuation funds as we move into 2014. Bravura Solutions has highlighted member engagement as being key to business development and membership in 2014 and beyond. Communication and relevant tools were highlighted as being important to superannuation funds as they cope with the challenges faced by consolidation in the market.  Digital tools and calculators are going to be an important part of superannuation funds strategy to engage with new and current members. Digital tools and calculators provide the scale that many of the superannuation funds are going to need to continue trading. With increasing regulation on the sector such as the My Super Initiative scale is essential as funds will not be able to afford to directly service clients. Digital technology will be able to provide such scale. Such scale can provide the ability to adjust automatically up or down to client demand.

Digital tools and calculators are an inexpensive method of developing client engagement, they also provide a very standardised format for engaging with clients and potential clients. Such tools are now considered essential for financial services firms and superannuation providers are no exception. Having a scalable solution for superannuation providers provides much certainly and ability to service customer as and where they want to engage with you. Mobile technology is a key part of this digital strategy. The demands for mobile appropriate solutions is growing exponentially, and must be considered.