It’s the UX stupid.

UX (user experience) is core when designing and developing digital tools and calculators for clients. Increasingly clients are demanding bespoke design. This creates challenges for Widget Works and other companies providing digital tools and calculators for clients. Anyone can design static calculators and tools for a website, very few however can design engaging, interactive design that allows a digital conversation to occur. 

Smashing Magazine recently publishing a great article outlining among other things how essential good design and UX is to any modern website. I couldn’t help but use a take of the famous Bill Clinton election catchphrase of 1992 “it’s the economy stupid” to highlight how important design is for modern websites. It really is the UX that makes a good wesbite site these days. Interactivity is essential for any modern website, having a static page or worse still a static design is just not going to succeed on today’s internet.

At Widget Works our core function is to Engage, Inform and Convert. Central is the interactive design that is essential to catching the eye and keeping the eye long enough for a conversation to take place. Our designs, calculators and tools are highly engaging, making users want to linger at your website longer.

Widget Works

Engage. Inform. Convert.