Start Up Costs Tool

Widget Works is proud to announce the release of its second “off the shelf tool” – Start Up Costs. Start Up Costs is designed for people either buying, or buying and selling or simply just selling their houses.

It allows users to establish the actual cost of the property transaction as opposed to simply the stamp duty cost. The Widget Works tool allows people to understand the actual costs involved in buying or selling house and permits accurate modelling of costs such as real estate agents, moving fees, Lender Mortgage Insurance, general household insurance pretty much all of the costs involved in buying or selling a property.

Like all Widget Works tools, and of significant difference to most other tools on the market, Start Up Costs enables organisations to engage with a client when they are “warm”. Most other tools similar to this simply are a dead end for users. Other tools provide no experience to create a lead from the enquiry. This tool is quite different, the tool’s lead generation capacity is significant allowing a query to be easily turned into a lead and then converted into a sale for organisation using the tool. The whole object of this tool is to deliver a warm lead to a client’s sales area.

Widget Works manages the tool on your behalf. Dealing with such issues as stamp duty calculations and rates are automatically catered for within this tool and are the responsibility of Widget Works. The entire tool is managed in the cloud allowing the licencee to simply place the tool on their site and allow users to engage with it.