Customers prefer digital channels, but not always.

Time after time and research piece after research show that customers prefer using digital channels. Digital is easier, it is more convenient, but recent research has indicated it is not consistent.

This may explain why when it comes to a purchase they then shift preference and use a direct channel to complete the purchase. According to the research this is because of the variability of the digital experience received. While in person customer service is usually very high, digital service is according to the research variable. People prefer the certainty of the direct personal channel to ensure their concern or purchase requirement is resolved.

The research produced by CEB Tower Group and reported here gives an insight into the next opportunity for banks globally. The challenge is to complete the loop and service customers who prefer digital channels and transactions and service them digitally for their purchasing decisions as well. To date this has not been completed well.

Primarily, the research dealt with the perception of dealing with the purchase decision and and servicing of same. Where it was only the transaction and enquiry, digital customers were very satisfied. However research then indicated that everything went to custard once a purchasing decision was  included into the equation.

The key for the acceptance of digital channels completely is to ensure customers have the confidence that all of their needs are being met. This will undoubtedly have massive impacts on the desire of consumers to use digital channels for all of their needs.