Online shopping makes a comeback

National Australia Bank today reported that shopping via online methods had grown with online shopping in the December 2013 having grown 12.3%.

The report noted in The Age today indicated that online shopping broadly was increased on the same time last year with differing categories demonstrating different percentage increases. The only categories not to record an increase via online shopping were the personal and recreational goods sectors.

Consumers bought approximately $1.27 billion worth of products from online retailers in December, which was up from about $1.198 billion in December 2012. Online shopping now accounts for the equivalent of 6.5 per cent of Australia’s spending in traditional “bricks and mortars” shops.  This trend has been increasing over time with more and more items being purchased via online methods. Online sales grew by 12.6 per cent in December 2013 compared with December 2012. This was up from 11.2 per cent in November 2013 compared with November 2012.

What was not noted by National Australia Bank was the devices used to access the mobile shopping functionality, i.e. mobile or other more traditional forms of the internet. However it would be likely that given other countries increasing preference to mobile channels that Australia would be little different to international trends.

There had been a few months were growth in online sales had reflected broader more general sales which had shown little movement in sales. Online shopping was no different. However the December online sales figure outgrew the overall sales growth indicating a further preference to online shopping than standard retailing via bricks and mortar stores.