Going mobile

I’ve spoken before about the rise of mobile technology, but it never hurts to raise the subject again. Mobile technology and sales, whether you be the seller or the buyer is only going to increase. It make complete sense this would be case and follows basic sales teaching perfectly. Mobile devices are where the customer is located, all the time. It make perfect sense to have all your business acutely tuned to mobile technology all of the time.

Recent articles show why mobile is such a powerful device in the cause of sales, whether you be the seller or the buyer. Being where the buyer is going to be makes enormous business sense. Buyers will almost always be close to their smart phone. Communication via mobile device either in the form of email, instant messaging, or other mediums such as Skype are timely for the client. It is convenient. Being able to communicate via mobile technology is essential in today’s world. Many businesses however do not see the important transformational impact mobile technology can have on a business. This is only going to increase.

Tools being available via the technology that consumers demand (mobile and tablet) are basic business requirements. If you are not communicating to your clients via this medium, many of your competitors already are. Increasingly user want to access data online when they are on the train, on the bus or just and about.

For sellers you are where you need to be all the time for the client, relevant and timely. For the buyer, sellers who have tools which are available and work on the preferred technology and platform will almost always be preferred.