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Function and Features

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  • Making complex superannuation concepts simple for your customers
  • Engaging customisable innovative design
  • Responsive tools – allowing access across different devices
  • Up to date with regulatory and legislative change
  • Innovative client user interface allowing changes to be made
  • Multiple implementation options for tools and calculators


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  • Personal Income Tax – 2013/14 Income tax tables including Medicare Levy
  • Salary percentage increase and increment to model increases through to retirement


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  • Government Superannuation Guarantee contribution percentage increases through to 2020
  • Concessional cap amounts,
  • Maximum concessional contribution age
  • Maximum superannuation contribution base amount for concessional contributions
  • Contribution tax percentages
  • Low Income Super Contribution thresholds and amounts
  • All caps and thresholds indexed to AWOTE with individual increments and start years

Non-Concessional Contributions

  • Non-concessional cap amount and excess tax rate
  • Non-concessional tax calculation includes any concessional contribution exceeding the concessional cap (as defined above)
  • Non-concessional cap bring forward amounts and year for contributions exceeding the cap

Government Co-Contribution

  • Salary thresholds, contribution rates and maximum co-contribution amounts


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Accumulation Phase

  • Accumulation Phase rate of return for calculations
  • Fund fees either a dollar amount indexed to AWOTE

 Life Expectancy

  • Calculates expected life expectancy using ABS Life Tables 2009-2011, based on gender and age at retirement
  • 25 year average applied to adjust ABS value for future improvement

Retirement Phase

  • Minimum and maximum retirement ages aligned to superannuation pension rules
  • Retirement Phase rate of return for all calculations
  • All Pension values adjusted for CPI

Retirement Phase – Set Pension

  • Calculates the number of years a customer set pension amount, adjusted for CPI, will take to draw down to zero the Fund Balance at retirement




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