Borrowing Power

Function and Features

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  • Tools designed to engage with your clients across the full product lifecycle, e.g. first home buyers, re-financing and existing mortgage holders
  • Engaging customisable innovative design
  • Responsive tools – allowing access across different devices
  • Up to date with regulatory and legislative change
  • Innovative client user interface allowing changes to be made
  • Multiple implementation options providing flexibility for launch of tools and calculators on your website



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  • Net or Gross income amounts
  • Linked to ATO Tax tables for the current financial year
  • Additional Other Net Income amounts

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  • Living expenses, either HPI or HEM or single or joint applications
  • Other loan amounts
  • Credit card limit and factors

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Credit Rules

  • Net surplus income calculation
  • Maximum loan amount based on either customer entered rates, interest rate buffers and/or benchmark rates
  • Minimum and maximum loan amounts




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